DAVIN Drafting & Design
Computer Aided Drafting & Design (CADD) services for Contractors, surveyors, engineers, developers & home owners.

Why choose DAVIN Drafting & Design Services?
Service with Experience - Over 15 years experience in commercial and residential land development. 
Specialized Professional  Services - With a professionally trained & highly skilled technician using the latest 3D drafting software you can expect accurate, clear and concise plans, on-time and within budget. 
Value Drafting Services -  Professional Engineers and Surveyors now have a cost effective way of procuring survey and engineering documents. Contract based drafting (Fixed fee or time & materials) allows your business to financially thrive by removing the costs, time and stress associated with hiring employees.            Contractors, Developers and Private Home Owners now have access to professional drafting services at an affordable cost for their design, planning, and permitting needs. Dream it, design it and build it! You'll be supported throughout the entire process.
Personal Service - Choosing DAVIN Drafting & Design means you will be working with Davin directly and that your project has the personal attention needed for efficient completion. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your project's drafting needs are completely satisfied, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.
About DAVIN Drafting & Design Services:
Davin Jelich graduated valedictorian with highest honors from ITT Technical Institute with a degree in Computer Drafting and Design and eagerly went to work for a growing civil engineering and surveying firm in Sacramento and Placer County. Davin was lucky enough to work alongside and learn from some of the best engineers and surveyors in California, where he became their dedicated CADD Manager for nearly 15 years.  Over his career Davin has drafted maps, plans and exhibits for hundreds of developments in Northern California, including many notable local projects.
DAVIN Drafting and Design was established in the Spring of 2018 from Davin's desire to raise his family and work in the Northern California foothills, where he grew up and loves.
Give DAVIN Drafting & Design a try on your next project & find out how streamlined the process can be!

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